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DY-Link Special operations training

       Hangzhou, China, March 10th: DY-link organized 4-day special operation training which covers the climb, electrical, welding, lifting, and other types of special operations. Specifically the company invited four experienced professional lecturers and three professors. Each expert was responsible to teach a professional course. To employee’s actual work they have done explaining and demonstration.

      Training content and Form were praised by staff. They said: Form of training is unique, discussed project cases and training content very practical, Very useful to work effectively, It’s not only to enhance our professional skills, but also deeply felt the importance of safety at work of our own”. The training truly reflects the DY-Link "people-oriented” concept of safety production. Company thinks that, what employees think, to create effective business skills to enhance employees’ skill. With reality, and focus on growth and development needs of individual employees, so it gets universal support and praise of employees. The enthusiasm of the employees to participate in abnormally was very high, more than 130 people attended the training.

        The training enhanced not only enthusiasm and motivation of front-line staff, also created good opportunity to the development of company.


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