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DY-Link Green belt station leads a new era

         Beijing, China, September 29th 2011: DY-Link Green belt station leads a new era of distributed base station.In September 26th, DY-Link Green belt station erected the outdoor in the exhibition hall to attract the attention of many exhibitors.

        DY-Link CEO Zhengfa Hu:” DY-Link Green belt station and rapid Deployment Unit just cater to the increasing of 3G high- frequency base station density, solves issue for selection of the new base station site and meets urban greening needs. 

       The Green belt unit just needs Small area occupation and is easy to select station site and install, has beautiful appearance and high density of integration.  

       Therefore it was used often by operators’ 2G/3G network expansion and optimization of engineering in the past two year, leads to a beginning of the era of distrusted base station”, “The new distributed base station maximizes to the rapid construction of the base station and the visual pollution, it is different for the traditional mode of station building”. Green belt station’s shelter, tower, mast antenna all are factory production, less on-site construction, so it reduces the destroy impact on the environment and is fast to install.

       CEO Zhengfa Hu said, “DY-Link will continue to extend to the base station accessory products, the services will achieve a high degree of integration, so that a harmonious station system solutions.”

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