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Product Quality 2014-5-26
Communication G 2014-5-26
Product Quality is with Personality,Reputation Co

 Product Quality is with Personality,Reputation Coexists with Life.

——Remember DY-Link people on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
        Qinghai is in western plateau of China, is the Roof of the World, the average elevation is above 3000 meters, desert and snow-capped mountains coexist, with alpine hypoxia all year, living condition is primitive.
        To assist construction work, the staffs of DY-Link walked between the desert and snow-capped mountains, whether cold or hot, they all adhered to spirit of “efficiency, innovation, dedication”, tenet” quality of product is to be with moral standing, reputation is coexisting with life” , actively provided solutions and services.
         Staff was fighting on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in 2013, it was the most memorable year. Communication tower integrated solution was expanded in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. To complete the task on time, DY-Link people promote positive dedication, and successfully completed construction and praised by owners. Faced with the harsh construction environment, they wrote a moving story.
Early August 2013, DY-Link prepared to start construction on Qinghai "hd-dj" highway, this task would build 39 mobile communication stations within a month according to the owner.
At this time, 31 projects were gradually entering, no mobile signal covered. The length of "hd-dj" highway is about 400km, average elevation is above 4300 meters, climatic conditions were very harsh. Faced with grand canyons and snow-coated mountains, DY-Link people fought with all difficulties and sounded "hj" battle with the enterprise spirit and tenet.
         On August 11th, Qinghai office workers went to have a survey, most of the new station site is located between the valleys and snow-capped mountains, just a muddy gravel road. The roads twist and turn, some were covered with snow and ice, some next to cliff, huge stones may slide down at any time.
          Do it whatever the condition is. They made a practical transportation, construction organization plan according to first-hand information. There are nine base stations in "hd" line, eight base stations in "dj" line, these must be turned over nearly 5,000 meters, was more difficult and dangerous. But they overcome alpine, defied dangerous road, crossed the mountains, worked hard to complete the mission on time.
          On September 15th, they worked 16 hours (just two hours in the plain), successfully installed No. hd 4 station which was at an altitude of 6282 meters of Animaqing Snow Mountain Pass. It was hot in September, but here was still snowy, cold and windy, the weather was unpredictable. They installed more than 100 parts, 1,000 bolts, the total weight of nearly 50 tons in the condition of thin air and low oxygen. They completed the task with perseverance and mission.
          Action interpreted “quality of product is to be with moral standing, reputation is coexisting with life”
          Staffs overcome traffic inconvenience, difficult conditions, harsh environments, alpine and other difficulties to assist building. Three installation teams of 21 members have completed 39 stations along "hj" from August 26th to September 25th .
         The teams were equipped with 3 cars, and 16 new tires replaced in 30 days, one car was broken during the transportation because of bad condition, it had to be fixed away 900km.
        During this time, they almost did not have a hot meal, take a warm shower. Because of long distance, they had to start at 7:00 am, outside was deserted, they only ate a bowl of fast noodles for breakfast, at noon, they could only eat mixed congee, accompanied with herds of antelopes. After finishing work, they returned town at midnight while restaurant was closed, they could only eat fast noodles again. There were few hotels in town, no toilet, only could take shower with melting snow. 
        In the process of assisting building, DY-Link people never gave up no matter how difficult the condition was. High standards and strict requirements of work quality, they proved their ability with high professional enterprise spirit.
       Today, various types of communication towers integrated solutions of DY-Link were set up in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau through their efforts. Various types of communication towers integrated solutions were standing there written with “Chinese DY-Link”, brought modern information for people living here.
        Good services cast brand, do better for owners, DY-Link adheres to provide qualified solutions for ten years, serves the communication operators. In order to carry out the work better, DY-Link innovates, transforms work methods, improves ability, adheres to the business philosophy ” Being given a chance, we shall bring prosperity to our owner”, takes philosophy into practice, effectively protects base construction, contributes for communication network coverage.
        In the difficult environment of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the floods in Yuyao, Zhejiang , Yaan Sichuan earthquake site ...... people always actively join in the place of communication protecting and guarantee, the dazzling "DY-Link Tower" has become landmark in communication tower field.
         While serving, DY-Link receives numerous honors by owners. It also gets the honor of "Excellent Supplier", "A Class Supplier", "Excellent Co-operation Enterprise", "Safe and Civilized Construction Unit".
          They innovate in high morale, pride and enthusiasm, actively involved in the construction of Chinese communication industry, towards to higher and farther goal.
Installation team is installing in alpine depopulated zone

DY-Link people overcome difficulties such as extreme coldness and thin oxygen to install stations in the Roof of the World to guarantee communications
Truck struggles to move forward on trail on the Roof of World.
DY-Link people completes on time in such environment.



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