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Product Quality 2014-5-26
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Communication Guarantees Adds another Beautiful Sc
On January 27th, Southern Metropolis Daily , Jiangxi News published a picture story: “There is pearl in Fuhe park”, reported landscape light in Fuhe Nanchang with graphic form.
A large landscape light stands up in Nanchang Fuhe park. Yesterday, construction person introduced that they have installed 8 large landscape lights, meanwhile, they also installed the same ones near Xianghu.  All Landscapes are expected to be fully operational before the Spring Festival . These large Landscape lighting can emit colored light, reflecting in rippling Fuhe、Xianghu, will be another beautiful scenery.
Fuhe park, including the East and West sides of the land, from the north Poetic to south General Gate, consists of water surface, Nanpu park, Lizhou park, Peach park and building park with length of 4.6km, a good place to exercise and relax.
In the end of 2009, China Mobile Nanchang Branch put forward the needs of landscape tower building to improve mobile communication signal cross the river. Our company successfully won the bidding of the project with advanced technology and perfect design capability in landscape tower. R&D and design person launched 25 meters , 27 meters of garland belt camouflage landscape towers according to the practical situation. The tower has a good antenna concealment, attractive appearance, while the design of landscape lighting system (LED lighting system ) , become colorful scenery at night.
Currently, they have completed the installation of the first batch of eight sites, part of the sites has been put into use with excellent result, and praised by Nanchang Mobile. These communication landscape towers combining communications and night landscaping, reflecting DY-Link’s integration design, have coordinated with surrounding and realized the value through the integration of multi-function, are an extension of the traditional landscape communication towers used for important landscape urban areas, as a new choice for city building.
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