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Contribution to charity

DY-Link social 2012-5-14
DY-Link Support 2012-5-11
DY-Link social responsibility



       Supporting Education, donation to poor students.

       6 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 4 universities, more one million stipends to support, donate nearly 500 poor students from Zhejiang, Ningxia, Nanjing, and Beijing. In 2011 DY-Link   reciprocation to society of “supporting education around the country” were carrying out. The activities have received support of local government, schools, and acclaim from students.

       As a biggest supplier of the communication tower mast and base station in china, DY-Link  provide not only the high quality products and services for telecommunications operators , also active participate social charity activities, initiative assume to social responsibility, embody the value as a social citizen. DY-link supports poor students by face to face direct contributions, The Donation form is not like as traditional donation which donation process is long, low efficiency.   

       Through face to face and directly donation the poor students can get the full donation amount, to solve Education problem for poor students, also encourage them to study diligent, work hard, and service society .


       Charity Bazaar to Donation for poor students


       As a strong sense of social responsibility and mission of the enterprise, DY-Link has been taken humane care and actively participates in the charity, positive social returns as the cornerstone of the companys development. Before carrying out supporting education, DY-Link has been an active part in the cause of charity, disaster relief, takes the initiative to fulfill their social responsibilities.

      Donation to the Wenchuan disaster area after the earthquake, Donation to Yushu earthquake disaster area, 2008 donation to snow disaster and support the restoration of telecommunication power, Donation and care for the old people in Jiangxi province, etc.

      DY-Link spearheaded to launch indefinitely charity donations donor activities to the poor students. Company leader has made commitment to donation for the poor students of the Beijing University of P&T, Nanjing university of P&T. At same time we supported the poor students from twenty primary schools in western poverty-stricken areas to finish their studies.


      DY-Link supporting 100 poor students to finish course


      Province Ningxia, China, October 12th -14th: DY-Link started first the activity of "support education “in province Ningxia. The activity of “support education” in Ningxia was first one in 2011. In the poor mountainous areas of southern Ningxia DY-Link supported and donated 278 poor students from six primary schools, three secondary schools.

       Beijing, Nanjing, and Hangzhou, December 14th -27th: DY-Link has cooperated with the Zhejiang University of Technology, Nanjing University of P&T, Beijing University of P&T, the second Language University of Beijing to establish the fund for poor students. We have helped 210 students to finish their course. The DY-Link supported and helped these poor students and the development of education, so received the highly praise from the universities and students.

      During the supporting Education activities, DY-Link was also active in promoting cooperation and exchanges between schools and enterprises. CEO Mr. Hu Zhengfa, deputy Vice Chairman, Mr. Fan Shunguang, Vice Chairman, Ms Chen Jianyun, Vice President, Mr. Xu Huagang, and CHO Dr. Li have done discussion with the college students. The leadership welcomes the students to go into DY-Link for internship and work. Company leaders talked about employment such as Career Planning with students. CEO Mr. Hu Zhengfa expressed, “we hope to take this opportunity help the college students from poor areas to finish their course, and thereby they can change their life, in the future we will continue to support education of poor area in china, and make our contribution”.

      According to incomplete statistics, In 2011 DY-Link fund for poor student is nearly one million Yuan.


      Company should assume more social responsibility


      DY-Link always will be the development of mission, harmonious, "the three are united in the process of enterprise development, the development as a means of mission in harmony as the goal, is committed to providing customers with the most suitable, most scientific solutions for the employees to create a healthy and progressive platform for the community to do the greatest responsibility. DY-Link always takes the development as a means, and takes the mission and harmony as a goal. We provide the most suitable, most scientific solutions to the customers.    

       For employees we create a healthy and progressive career platform. Through donation to the community and the disaster areas, such as charitable contributions activities, DY-Link establishes a good culture atmosphere; it is an important part of the corporate culture.

       We share the development results with the social community, and make contributions for the charity. It fully embodies a strong sense of social responsibility and mission of DY-Link. By the charity, public welfare, Emergency rescue and disaster relief, our Donation amount is more than a ten million Yuan.  

       From the donation to Wenchuan earthquake and Qinghai Yushu Earthquake to special assistance to the South blizzards and supporting the education in poor areas, DY-Link has gradually established own development path for supporting social welfare.

Donation to poor students in south Ningxia

DY-Link leadership and the second language university of Beijing leadership, students photograph

CEO Mr. Hu zhengfa and Zhejiang University of technology leadership Sign an agreement of supporting Education.

Deputy vice chairman Mr. Fan shunguang and Beijing university of P&T students photograph  

Vice chairman Ms. Chen Jianyun awarded education fund in Nanjing university of P&T

Vice president Mr. Xu Huagang awarded education fund in the second Language University of Beijing

CHO Dr. Lee Yan awarded education fund to poor students of poverty area in south Ningxia


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