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Breakthroughs, 2014-6-3
Breakthroughs, Innovation and Optimization

 Breakthroughs, Innovation and Optimization –

Supply Chain Department 2014 Oath Ceremony
            Outside the factory, continuous drizzling, inside of it, upsurging enthusiasm. On February 16th,2014, Supply Chain Department oath ceremony held in Jiangdong, corporate vice president and general manager of Supply Chain Department Mr. Xu Huagang attended the meeting and made an important speech , Assistant to general manager, Mr. Chen Lin, and each departments’ manager, managers and front-line employees, more than 300 people attended the oath ceremony.
           At 8 am, it began with staff’s resonant slogan. Corporate vice president and manager of supply chain Xu Huagang made an important speech of working on the supply chain deployment combining the companys strategic targets in 2014. Manager Xu emphasized in 2014, supply chain keep quality, security and cost control. We will carefully plan and organize from supply certificate to each link of material procurement, cutting, fabrication, galvanizing, painting and packaging.                     Only if we unite and put more time and effort, have higher execution to complete this task, we will get greater return. The company will improve work environment through promoting 7S、IE and new technologies, researching and developing new technology. Finally, manager Xu wish you successful work, raising income, safely, successfully completed the 2014 annual task.
            Assistant Chen Lin pledged, 2014 is the key period to develop, supply chain is facing unprecedented challenges and pressures. Mr. Chen elaborated work from safety, quality, delivery, cost, labor discipline, morale, and other aspects, required everyone to make effort to achieve the goal. Representatives of each department made a strategic indicators solemn oath. Every staff is confident and ready to fight for the goal.
            Vice president and manager Xu Huagang and his assistant Chen Lin have awarded honorary certificates to 2013 excellent members. Assistant Chen Lin , manufacturing department and 16 teams, warehousing and distribution department and 7 teams, quality checking department sighed “2014 annual production safety responsibility”.
Company leader and supply chain department leader awarded honorary certificates to 2013 annual excellent staffs.


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